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  • [Article] Game of Thrones Feeds Society’s Macabre Appetite

    [Article] Game of Thrones Feeds Society’s Macabre Appetite

    “Definitive morals and heroes accompany a bull market; blurred morals and mixed heroes accompany a bear market.”

  • [Article] Glenn Beck’s Goodbye

    [Article] Glenn Beck’s Goodbye

    Glenn Beck had a meteoric rise to the top of cable news. He doubled his audience in 2008, and by early 2009 had more viewers for his 5 p.m. show than all his competitors combined. His popularity extended beyond the tube — with six straight number-one bestsellers and a massive “Restoring Honor” rally in Washington, D.C. Now — all of a sudden — Glenn Beck can’t buy a break. Glenn Beck’s sponsors started to pull out in mid-2009, his past two books failed to hit number one, his ratings endured the steepest drop of any cable news show during the period, and his “Restoring Honor” rally became the brunt of jokes and parodies. How did Glenn Beck go from accolades to insignificance in such a short period of time?