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  • Art Affection

    Art Affection

    What drove the recent bidding wars at art auctions?

  • Hands Off “Our” Internet!

    Hands Off “Our” Internet!

    Are we heading toward 200 nationally controlled and separate internets?

  • Surfacing Scandals

    Surfacing Scandals

    The Virgin Islands is taking a new look at the Jeffrey Epstein case, and banks are under fire.

  • A New Middle East?

    A New Middle East?

    Israel signs peace pacts with neighbors. Will the Palestinians be next?

  • Mood—The Right Mood

    Mood—The Right Mood

    The trailer for the new James Bond film comes at an opportune time.

  • Basketball Bounces Back

    Basketball Bounces Back

    Basketball’s playoffs appeared to be in jeopardy until teams decided to resume play. Learn more about the sport’s connection to social mood.

  • Nukes, Hackers and Germs: North Korea’s Expanding War Capabilities

    Nukes, Hackers and Germs: North Korea’s Expanding War Capabilities

    North Korea is still enriching uranium for nuclear weapons. What has influenced its varying levels of aggression since the end of World War II?

  • Firearm Fever

    Firearm Fever

    Purchases of guns in the U.S. are soaring. Socionomists have identified a connection between fear and gun sales during negative-mood trends.

  • Sorry Honey, I’m Not in the Mood

    Sorry Honey, I’m Not in the Mood

    Researchers say Earth is unprepared for a global population crash that will have “jaw dropping” consequences. Birth rates are regulated by social mood.

  • Who’s for Dinner?

    Who’s for Dinner?

    A new board game follows the experiences of some cannibalistic 19th century pioneers. Games, like other forms of entertainment, are reflections of social mood.