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Socionomics in the News

Socionomic research has been featured in a variety of media outlets. Here are some of the recent highlights:

Why Trump’s New Tariffs Are an Ominous Omen
Source: Foundation for Economic Education
Professor Emeritus Barry Brownstein discuss’s social mood’s impact on trade tariffs.

Steel yourself: Trade conflicts could be just the beginning
Source: The Hill
Murray Gunn discusses the relationship between social mood and protectionism.

Italy ETF Contends With Election Results, Dour Social Climate
Source: Benzinga
Brian Whitmer discusses Italian Election Results.

Should the World Prepare for Emperor Xi?
Source: Ozy
Mark Galasiewski is cited in this article on Xi Jinping’s consolidation of power.

Stocks & Sex: People Conceive Fewer Children Before Economy Contracts
Source: Newsmax Finance
Matt Lampert discusses how social mood affects birth rates.

America’s Mood Swings Reflected in Vehicles We Buy
Source: Bodyshop Business
Bodyshop Business discusses Murray Gunn’s analysis on cars and social mood.

The North Korean Mood
Source: Criterion Quarterly
Sahar Pirzada discusses the conflict and mood surrounding North Korea and cites socionomist Chuck Thompson’s May 2015 study.

Elliott Prechter: I Wouldn’t Touch Bitcoin, Risk of Collapse Too Big
Source: Newsmax
Elliott Prechter of EWAVES discusses bitcoin.

Trump Just Gave Rich Hedge Fund Managers an Awesome Christmas Gift
Source: TheStreet
Ronald Orol cites Murray Gunn, chief of global research at market research firm Elliott Wave International, on the role social mood has on hedge fund reform.

The Strangely Fascinating Way Baby Naming Trends Are Linked to the Stock Market
Source: Popsugar
Maggie Winterfeldt discusses Alan Hall’s Baby Names study.

The late-stage equity bull market could explain a mania like bitcoin
Source: CNBC
Evelyn Chang cites Elliott Prechter of EWAVES, Matt Lampert of the Socionomics Institute, and Peter Atwater president of Financial Insyghts on the surging price of Bitcoin.

Tax win will be huge for Trump, but don’t bank on political windfall
Source: CNN
Stephen Collinson discusses the Trump tax plan and cites director of research Matt Lampert.

The Surprising Factor That Can Influence Your Baby’s Name
Source: Real Simple
Marisa Cohen interviews Alan Hall discussing the stock market impacts baby names.

Record Year for Home Runs Could Be a Dark Omen for the Economy
Source: ThinkAdvisor
ThinkAdvisor interviews Alan Hall discussing the SWAT baseball indicator and more.

How Nation’s Mood Can Change Economy’s Future
Source: Newsmax
Director of Research Matt Lampert contributes an article discussing how social mood influences recessions, peace and war and scandals.

Why Do Baseball Stats Mirror Stock Market Results?
Source: CFO
David McCann reviews Alan Hall’s SWAT baseball indicator.

Home Runs and Strikeouts Can Track the Stock Market
Source: CNBC
Senior Researcher Alan Hall contributes an article explaining the “Swing for the Fences” indicator.

Why the oil market ignored Economics 101 when it comes to Harvey
Source: NY Daily News
Director of Research Matt Lampert contributes an article discussing how the prices of oil reacted to hurricane Harvey’s Houston landfall.

Social mood drives markets, not administration turmoil
Source: The Hill
Director of Research Matt Lampert contributes an article discussing how social mood drives both the stock market and politics.

Buy High and Sell Low?
Source: Straight Line Logic
Robert Gore favorably reviews The Socionomic Theory of Finance.

You Won’t Believe What’s Driving the Economy
Source: Bloomberg
Mark Buchanan offers alternative explanations for what’s drives the economy and favorably cites The Socionomic Theory of Finance.

A&M-SA professor featured on Pop Trends Price Culture podcast
Source: Texas A&M University-San Antonio
Dr. Dennis Elam, a tenured accounting professor at Texas A&M-San Antonio, shares his insights into how social mood shapes accounting regulations—and more—in an interview on the Pop Trends, Price Culture podcast.

Parallels Between Markets
Source: Power Trading Radio
Socionomist contributor and Summit speaker, Peter Atwater, joins host John O’Donnell to discuss the cultural similarities between 1966-1974 and from 2000 to present day.

Want Legalized Marijuana? Better Hope America Stays Grumpy
Source: Businessweek
In a Q&A for Businessweek, socionomic researcher Euan Wilson explains the correlation he’s discovered between increased marijuana legalization in the U.S. and the pessimistic, post-recession national mood. Wilson discusses recent developments such as the approval of a ballot measure in Colorado to tax legal pot sales that support his larger theory.

Why Stock Markets May Be Lagging Indicators
Source: Forbes
Asia Confidential columnist James Gruber cites socionomics and social mood as an explanation as to what’s driving markets right now. Gruber explains, “Socionomics suggests social mood – what happens in society as expressed in the arts, music, mores, fashion and so on – drives stock markets which in turn drives economies. Put another way, what happens in society is a lead indicator for market price action.”

Euan Wilson on the Traders Network
Source: Traders Network
Euan Wilson joined host Michael Yorba on the Traders Network Radio Show to talk about what changes in social mood tell us about society at large. In the interview, Wilson explains that the stock market is the best way to measure social mood, though social mood affects things beyond just the financial markets. Everything from the kind of clothes we wear, the music we find appealing and whether we want to wage wars is regulated by social mood.

Does Opulent Spending Signal Market Downturn?
Source: Fox Business News
Self-proclaimed Socionomist, Peter Atwater, and’s Jonathan Hoenig discuss whether excessive spending is a sign of a downturn in the markets. Peter Atwater, President of Financial Insyghts, explains that the behaviors he sees outside of the markets – especially in art, automobiles and residential real estate – tell him that social mood, and the markets in turn, either have topped or will soon top.

Spendthrift Elite Signals Equity Slide, Behavioral Experts Warn
Source: Reuters
Reuters reporter Atul Prakash quotes Robert Prechter, Peter Atwater, Murray Gunn and other social mood practitioners in an article about using socionomics and social mood to forecast the financial markets.


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If you would like to receive press releases regarding socionomics or to schedule an interview with a socionomic researcher, please contact Miguel Casellas-Gil,, 727-443-7115 Ext. 214.