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Robert Prechter

President, The Socionomics Institute

Key Resource: Socionomics Explained – An interview with Robert Prechter, president of the Socionomics Institute. Access the Interview.


Matt Lampert

Director of Research, The Socionomics Institute


hs-alyssahaydenAlyssa Hayden

Executive Director, The Socionomics Institute

Chuck Thompson

Senior Analyst, The Socionomist
Areas of interest include international affairs, war, movies, television, music, science and religion.


Associated Researchers

Robert Folsom

Senior Markets Researcher, Elliott Wave international
Areas of interest include politics, history, privacy, finance and movies that don’t suck.

Mark Galasiewski

Editor, The Elliott Wave Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast
Areas of research include Asian-Pacific markets, automobiles, fashion and the Middle East.


Pete Kendall

Editor, The Elliott Wave Financial Forecast
Areas of research include cultural trends, movies and film and sports.


Murray Gunn

Head of Global Research, Global Market Perspective
Areas of research include political trends, climate change, gender attitudes, engineering projects, motorcycle power, and the fitness industry.


Brian Whitmer

Editor, The Elliott Wave European Financial Forecast
Areas of research include European markets.