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Will Social Mood Oust Trump? Watch the Stock Market

President Trump finds his administration embroiled in controversy and investigation. Two members of Congress have drafted articles of impeachment. Senior Analyst Alan Hall suggests that social mood will influence the outcome of this chapter in American history.


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Socionomics gives you one simple — yet, radical — insight:

News and events don’t drive changes in the financial markets or society. The real driver of these changes is the powerful waves of our collective psychology — waves of social mood.

These changes are not random. They are patterned. Which means that you can use socionomics to predict shifts in both the financial markets and society at large.

War. Radical politics. Economic recessions, and even depressions. Racial tensions. Fashion trends. Epidemics. Popular music and TV trends. Regulation of recreational drugs… the list of social trends that you can anticipate is varied and long.

Socionomics is the new science of history and social prediction pioneered by Robert Prechter. Socionomics helps you forecast new trends that completely blindside your friends and neighbors who don’t have the science at their side. Here’s how Prechter puts it:


“Most people think that social events cause the public’s mood to change, but it’s the other way around: The public’s mood shapes the tenor of social events. This idea is the basis for what I call socionomics.”


This radical yet powerful idea turns the mainstream understanding of cause and effect completely on its head…

…and puts you ahead of the curve. 

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What do I gain from my Socionomics Membership?

Your Socionomics Membership gives you a better chance to grasp a unique, powerful view that enables you to see waves of social mood… and capitalize on them.

You’ll see how waves of positive mood drive us to expand businesses, dress with flair, live in peace and bid up stocks; and how a negative mood induces us to do the opposite.

Wherever you live, you’ll see warnings about big societal changes before they harm you and spot breakthrough opportunities before they emerge.

The mainstream press cannot bring you these insights — not because they do not want to, but because they are simply not equipped to do so.

Their “forecasting” methodology mimics that of today’s linear-thinking, limited-memory society: They simply extrapolate current trends into the future. While this appears to work mid-trend, it always puts followers on the wrong side of the trend at the worst possible time — right before a major, and sometimes dangerous, reversal.

This tendency causes Wall Street, the government and pundints to miss shifts in finances, politics and society. Take the pollsters’ whiff on the 2016 U.S. presidential election as just one recent example.

Socionomics, in contrast, helps you forecast both trends and turns. It is built on the understanding that patterned changes in social mood motivate patterned changes in social events. That sounds simple, and it is. Yet it is radically different from the mainstream understanding. It is also the key insight that equips you to consistently “see around the corner” and predict events that no one else sees coming.


What our members say:

• “I am about to receive my MBA from a top business school and can say that your work is more interesting, realistic, and useful than anything that I’ve studied to date. Keep up the great work because we are counting on it.” ~ B.L.W., College Park, MD

• “I find it impossible to follow the events of the world without wearing my new socionomic spectacles.” ~ N .M.

• “As we observe these events, it is as though we had already read a ‘history book from the future’ about this period.” ~ D.F., North Huntington, PA

• “The two most important forecasts of my lifetime have been provided by Elliott and socionomics: the Grand Supercycle bear market and the risk of Putin in Russia. Finally someone has found the political pulse we need to put our finger on.” ~ E.M

• “I don’t want to be dramatic, but I believe socionomics may have saved us from financial and social peril.” ~ D.L.


What the media says:


Bloomberg (Feb. 2017): “You Won’t Believe What’s Driving the Economy” — “Robert Prechter…has published a number of insightful books — most recently, The Socionomic Theory of Finance — arguing that moods, including unconscious ones, drive financial markets, rather than vice versa.


The Street (Aug. 2016): “Will Donald Trump Win the Presidency? One Way of Analyzing the Race Says, ‘Yes!'” — “Robert Prechter began developing socionomics in the ’70’s and ’80’s — and he is also the guy credited with rescuing the Elliott Wave Theory from obscurity.”


NPR (Apr. 2016): “Closer Look: Gospel Music’s Evolution; And More” — “Matt Lampert, director of the Socionomics Institute, explains what exactly socionomics means.”


Reuters (June 2013): “Spendthrift elite signals equity slide, behavioral experts warn” — “One non-traditional expert who accurately predicted 2007’s stocks bust and recovery in 2009 is Robert Prechter [Founder of The Socionomics Institute]…”


Put waves of social mood to work for you

Socionomics is on record with some astoundingly accurate forecasts. Like this one — made as far back as 2003:

“Politics will become far more polarized, splintered and radical.”

Here are some others:

Our report “Mood in the Middle East” was weeks ahead of the violence and protests that changed the political landscapes of Egypt, Tunisia and Yemen and have now spread to Iraq, Syria, Turkey and beyond.

“Authoritarianism” forecast increased internet regulations years ahead of the WikiLeaks controversies and warned of a possible developing cyber war before Russia was blamed for stealing U.S. politicians’ emails.

“The Developing European Tinderbox” was months ahead of the biggest story in Europe — the re-kindling of old international hostilities and the possible dissolution of the euro. Now, post-Brexit, the world wishes they were warned. Members were.

“The Coming Collapse of Modern Prohibition” alerted members to the nearing end of marijuana prohibition in the U.S. Now, we’re seeing a rush of new state laws to legalize the drug, and marijuana stocks and peripheral industries across the country offer new risks and opportunities for U.S. speculators.  

These are the kinds of trends the Socionomics Membership aims to keep you ahead of.



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