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Mood Riffs

  • James Bond, Meet 007

    James Bond, Meet 007

    The media are abuzz about the choice of a black actress, Lashana Lynch, to play agent 007 in the next James Bond film.

  • New Perspectives on the War on Terror

    New Perspectives on the War on Terror

    War is a social act that follows and expresses a negative social mood. One example is the War on Terror. It began with the 9/11 attack, which occurred 18 months into a bear market that started the previous year.

  • What’s Under the Hood?

    What’s Under the Hood?

    Ford’s 2020 Shelby GT500 Mustang is promising more than 700 horsepower and earns the title of the “most powerful street-legal Ford ever built.”

  • See You on the Dark Side of the Moon

    See You on the Dark Side of the Moon

    The UK Space Agency and Virgin Galactic hope that space travel will allow passengers to go from England to Australia in only 90 minutes.

  • Venezuela’s Tragic Demise

    Venezuela’s Tragic Demise

    In a move toward authoritarianism, the country’s legislature has been usurped by a “National Constituent Assembly.”

  • Perot’s Political Legacy

    Perot’s Political Legacy

    Ross Perot, who died July 9, ran one of the most successful third-party campaigns in recent history.

  • Young woman beauty portrait with face detection

    Get Outta My Face

    U.S. House committee is considering how facial recognition technology threatens Americans’ constitutional liberties and privacy rights.

  • MAXimum Turbulence

    MAXimum Turbulence

    How will social mood affect Boeing’s ability to weather the 737 MAX scandal?

  • An Era of Good Feelings

    An Era of Good Feelings

    Consumers are optimistic, and if the current economic expansion continues into next month, it will become the longest on record.

  • Batters Swing Away at Success

    Batters Swing Away at Success

    Socionomists have identified baseball as a bull-market sport, and it’s making headlines as the Dow Jones Industrial Average hovers near record territory.