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  • [Audio] High-Performance Men, Women and Cars – Part 1

    [Audio] High-Performance Men, Women and Cars – Part 1

    John Wayne, Marilyn Monroe, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Hillary Clinton have something in common. They appear on the national scene at certain points in bull and bear markets. Socionomics tells us where those points are. Running Time: 7 min 24 sec Audio Download (MP3)

  • [Audio] You Owe The Government $516,000

    [Audio] You Owe The Government $516,000

    That’s right. You owe the government $516,000 plus another $112,000 to your own creditors. That’s a lot of debt to pay off. How did we get here and where are we going? Socionomics offers some insights and answers. Running Time: 7 min 47 sec Download MP3