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Alan Hall

  • [Audio] The Criminal Rich and the Foolish Rich

    [Audio] The Criminal Rich and the Foolish Rich

    That’s how Teddy Roosevelt referred to the wealthy one hundred years ago at the end of the Gilded Age. Franklin Roosevelt then raised taxes on the wealthy during the Depression that reached rates as high as 90% and lasted into the 1960’s. Will the current wealth gap result in similar […]

  • [Audio] You Owe The Government $516,000

    [Audio] You Owe The Government $516,000

    That’s right. You owe the government $516,000 plus another $112,000 to your own creditors. That’s a lot of debt to pay off. How did we get here and where are we going? Socionomics offers some insights and answers. Running Time: 7 min 47 sec Download MP3