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January 22, 2015

Bowie - Copy“Space Oddity” was David Bowie’s hit song about adrift-in-space astronaut, Major Tom. The single was released July 11, 1969, five days before the launch of Apollo 11 — the first mission to land men on the moon. Then in 1972 Bowie introduced his most lasting influence, the androgynous glam-rock figure Ziggy Stardust.

Across a five-decade career as a musician and performer, Bowie’s public persona never stopped evolving. Camille Paglia described David Bowie as “a bold, knowing, charismatic creature neither male nor female … a pop star for whom there seemed to be no traditional boundaries.”

The acceptance of blurred gender expressions is governed by social mood.

Read a preview of the June 2014 Socionomist article, “A Historical Socionomic Perspective on Transgender Expressions in Popular Culture.”


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