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November 12, 2015

Student loan debt and rising education costs continue to strongly outpace inflation and wage growth. College grads in the class of 2015 are each saddled with an average debt of $35,051 ( And as almost three of every four find themselves in the red when they get a diploma, a growing number of students (and ex-students) turn to desperate measures: They create a profile on “sugar baby” websites.

As the cost of university has risen, so has the number of “sugar babies” who pay for it by selling companionship and sex to wealthy older men. … A year ago nearly 1,200 students with an e-mail account belonging to an American university posted a profile on the site every day; the daily average has risen to about 2,000. (The Economist)

One website owner says the boom is fueled by increasing acceptance for “dating for money.”

This is just one chapter in the epic story of shifting social attitudes toward education, as we discussed in the March 2012 Socionomist.

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