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March 16, 2015

euro-wikiThe Greek government has considered a plan to use housewives, students and even tourists as undercover tax agents. The plan was uncovered in a leaked letter and has “attracted derision” from the Greek people. The letter was sent by Greece’s finance minister to the president of Eurogroup, which consists of finance ministers from countries in the Eurozone. According to a March 8 article in International Business Times, Greece wants to hire non-professional tax agents on a “short-term, strictly casual basis.” After some basic training, the agents would be “wired for sound and video” and pose as customers at Greek businesses. The evidence they collect would allow Greek authorities to take action against merchants who avoid tax rules.

A Eurozone official labeled the plan as both “hilarious” and “tragic.” But when social mood is extremely negative, as it currently is in Greece, expressions of authoritarianism proliferate, as this article shows.


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