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March 5, 2013

Imagine this sucker growling up to your house! In a YouTube video, the commander of the El Paso Security Response Team extolled the virtues of Homeland Security’s new 19-ton, 70 mph Mine Resistant Armor Protected Vehicles—2700 of them—sporting full armor, gun ports, six-inch-thick, bullet-proof windows, “run-flat” tires and a top turret from which the leader can “provide overwatch for the team while they are making entry into the house” and “serving warrants.”

Wikipedia only lists 285 U.S. cities in its most-populous list—that’s nearly ten tanks per city. The White House recently unveiled its domestic anti-IED strategy: “The lessons learned on the battlefield need to be incorporated to protect Americans at home.” Where is all this fear coming from? Click here to read more.


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