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November 9, 2012

Today, right-wing pundit Sean Hannity and Republican House Speaker John Boehner eased their anti-immigration stances, according to Yahoo News. Hannity said, “We’ve gotta get rid of the immigration issue altogether.” Boehner said, “This issue has been around far too long.” And The Wall Street Journal—owned by the right-wing News Corp—says “GOP must leave ‘anti-immigration absolutists behind.’” What a change from the xenophobia evident in February 2009, when an anti-immigration group demanded President Obama arrest and deport his aunt. And that demand was just a sideshow in a broad, right-wing-led anti-immigration fervor that brought anti-foreigner legislation in multiple U.S. states and anti-immigrant expressions across Europe.

Clearly, feelings of tolerance and inclusionism have improved along with the positive social mood trend reflected in the four-year stock market rally. The Dow is only 9% below its 2007 all-time high, and expressions of authoritarianism and xenophobia have waned. Click here to read more.


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