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October 25, 2012

Russia is on an authoritarian roll again. Back in June, the Duma passed a bill increasing fines for protesters, but that didn’t stop the protests. Russia recently sentenced two members of Pussy Riot, the anti-Kremlin all-girl band, to harsh gulags in Siberia and Mordovia. More protests followed. According to Tuesday’s Financial Times, Russia then broadened its definition of treason, making it easier to suppress the press and political opposition. Russia’s critique of U.S. human rights on Monday was strident, according to the Los Angeles Times, “In tone, vocabulary and spirit, it was reminiscent of the Cold War-era propaganda counterattacks launched by the Soviet Union on its rival.” One young Russian journalist said, “I can’t believe my country is moving back in time so fast.” Russia’s stock market has been in a downward trend since April 2011 and is still 42% below its 2008 peak. Russia’s time travel may have only just begun. Click here to read more.


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