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By Jill Noble

Dr. Ken Olson sounds like the kind of guy I’d love to have as a therapist: calm and well-spoken, he doesn’t miss much. An academic with over 30 years of experience in clinical psychology, Olson says he has also spent nearly as much time studying market patterns and social mood.

He told me that he was naturally drawn to Bob Prechter’s Barron’s article in 1985, which combined Olson’s key interests: personality and investing.

There are probably as many ways to define “personality” as there are investment methods. What makes Olson’s work in socionomics so thought-provoking is the way he tries to

…be aware of how broader social mood trends might affect people’s individual moods: How susceptible are people’s individual moods to social mood, and in fact, is individual mood collectively the basis of broader social mood?

Individual facets of personality, motivation, and emotion may be influenced by socionomic factors, Olson says. The irony is that few of us understand the power of social mood — or how it does indeed influence our behavior

In any case, people are not generally aware of social mood trends and the fact that their own mood may be affected…”

You can listen to our interview here:

AUDIO – Ken Olson