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The Socionomic Theory of Finance

Robert Prechter’s just-released epic presents an elegant, internally and externally consistent, entirely original alternative to neoclassical macroeconomics and finance. (Online Book, 800 pages, $49 value)

soc-1605-pr3 The Socionomist

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  Pop Trends, Price Culture

Podcast host Robert Folsom presents real people and real stories as they meet in the crossroads of mood and markets.

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What will you gain from your Socionomics Membership?

Socionomics, the science of history and social prediction, explains how waves of social mood generate social trends; how a positive mood induces us to expand businesses, dress with flair, live in peace and bid up stocks; and how a negative mood induces us to do the opposite.

The Socionomics Membership will give you a better chance to grasp a unique, powerful view that enables you to see waves of social mood and capitalize on them. Wherever and whenever you live, socionomics warns you about the big societal changes before they harm you and reveals breakthrough opportunities before they emerge.

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At least $641 worth of socionomic books, articles, videos —and even a recording of the Essential Social Mood Conference 2017! — for just $33 per month

(You save at least 38.2% from the full retail price)


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