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The Socionomist is THE Preeminent Social Forecasting Publication to Put Yourself, Your Livelihood, Your Money and Your Family on the Right Side of History


When we launched The Socionomist in 2009, we wanted a publication that you could count on to anticipate radical changes — changes that could prove crucial to your ability to survive and thrive in coming years, and changes that no one else sees coming.

In the eight years of its existence The Socionomist has exceeded even our lofty expectations.  It’s kept subscribers ahead of trends like violence in the Middle East, crumbling European unity, Russian aggression, the legalization of marijuana, the rise of radical U.S. politicians like Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, and new developments in big data, big pharma, big education, big government, big brother authoritarianism and much more.

The Socionomist puts you ahead of tomorrow’s news today. It zeroes in on the important social trends that will shape your world in the foreseeable future. Each issue warns you about big societal changes before they harm you and alerts you to breakthrough opportunities before they emerge.

The mainstream press cannot bring you these insights — not because they do not want to, but because they are simply not equipped to do so.

Their “forecasting” methodology mimics that of today’s linear-thinking, limited-memory society: They simply extrapolate current trends into the future. While this appears to work mid-trend, it always inevitably puts followers on the wrong side of the trend at the worst possible time — right before a major, and sometimes dangerous, reversal.

This tendency causes Wall Street, the government and the military to miss seismic shifts in the financial, political and social worlds. Take the pollster’s whiff on the 2016 U.S. presidential election as just one recent example. As you dig into The Socionomist, you’ll learn to recognize bigger and smaller-scale examples all around you.

The Socionomist, in contrast, forecasts both trends and turns. It is built on the radical notion that patterned changes in social mood motivate patterned changes in social events. That sounds simple, and it is. Yet it is radically different from the mainstream understanding. It is also the key insight that enables The Socionomist to consistently “see around the corner” and predict events that no one else sees coming.

Here is just some of what you could have read ahead of time in The Socionomist:

mosul“Mood in the Middle East” was weeks ahead of the violence and protests that changed the political landscapes of Egypt, Tunisia and Yemen and have now spread to Iraq, Syria, Turkey and beyond.

“Authoritarianism” forecast increased internet regulations years ahead of the WikiLeaks controversies and warned of a possible developing cyber war before Russia was blamed for stealing U.S. politicians’ emails. In the same breath, The Socionomist warned of unprecedented new forms of government control. Since then, news stories have covered secret GPS controls on cars, airport pat-downs, document checks on domestic U.S. train travel and more. And Donald Trump, widely viewed as an authoritarian-leaning presidential candidate in the United States, won the country’s election in a shocking upset.

“The Developing European Tinderbox” was months ahead of the biggest story in Europe — the re-kindling of old international hostilities and the possible dissolution of the euro. Now, post-Brexit, the world wishes they were warned. Subscribers to The Socionomist were.20130212-cyberwar

“Escalating Threats in Cyberspace” forecast the rise of “more prevalent and increasingly vicious” computer viruses. Several months later, the “Stuxnet” virus reportedly infected Iran’s nuclear facilities. Sources described Stuxnet as “the best malware ever.” More recently, westerners have been bombarded with warnings of cyber threats originating from major world powers, including Russia and China.

These are the kinds of trends The Socionomist aims to keep you ahead of.


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